Carl Combrinck

Carl Combrinck left his position as Head of Leveraged Finance at BoE Private Clients in April 2008 in order to set up Chrysalis and act as Fund Manager. He has more than 20 years’ experience in Banking and Finance, which include 2 years in Leveraged Finance and 3 years in Structured Finance at the bank. His duties included deal making as well as creation of financing solutions in new markets. During his tenure at BoE, Carl built up a track record of successfully creating innovative financing products, amongst others the Non-resident Financing Solutions product ($/£/€/¥ finance to foreigners against SA assets) and the Leveraged Finance offering, which product books were built up to a combined amounted of in excess of R500 million. He has in-depth knowledge- and experience of banking credit policies and processes, and as qualified attorney with experience in commercial and insolvency law has an intricate understanding of the legal risks inherent in investing in private sector credit. Carl also holds an Honours degree in Financial Management from the University of Cape Town.